Jan 22 2020

Aaa renewal promo code

(Last Updated On: 02/01/2020)

Aaa renewal promo code-Aaa renewal promo code
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.SO Rises (but prices go down)

The .SO domain is back and only $14.49 to register, renew and transfer.

What the heck is .SO?

If domains were people, .COM would be the slick dude who drove an Aston Martin and wowed women with his mad Ninja skills. NET would be the sidekick and .ORG the benevolent group that hires the two to find what happened to .SO.

.SO has had a rough go. First off, its home country of Somalia has been ravaged by ongoing civil war. In a strange, real-life twist, .SO became a refugee, moving to a company in Pittsburgh. Then, to add to .SO’s woes, that company tanked. From there, the domain languished in virtual anonymity until ICANN had it moved back to Somalia. Today it is run by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications in Somalia, and it can be purchased from anywhere in the world.

And since it’s been down and out for so long, many opportunities are still available, ones that you won’t find with other domains. If .COM and .NET won’t have you, give .SO the opportunity to showcase your business, hobbies and ideas. Like you it’s proven it can hang tough through thick and thin.

The March 2012 Promo Code Bursts with Spring Goodness

A new month and a new promo code. Spring has Sprung and we’re churning out deals like a mountain…well…spring. The lowdown is this:

For the more literary, use the Promo Code “ SPRUNG ” for $9.99 COM/NET first-year Registration and Renewal, $8.99 .ORG Renewal and 25% off any Hosting Plan Renewal.

We’ve had a lot of requests for the .ORG renewal deal, and last month’s website hosting code for new sign ups fired up our base with queries such as, “Why aren’t you offering a @#!%^%&#$@#$%$!@&&#@$% promo code for hosting renewal?” Thank you. Here it is…now go and renew yourself like the sweet, sweet Spring that is on its way…(and if you’re buying a new domain, then I’m sure there’s some metaphor about being born and such but it just seems forced.) And thank you again.

Transparency means “Hey, we totally pooched this!”

Ideas are neat. They are the foundation of all great things; the seeds to a bounty of treasure and success. They are also the the ups > short: Instead of simply releasing our promo code to the public as we do the first of every month, we decided to see if we could get 1500 more people to “like” us on Facebook before we let our latest coupon fly. It didn’t work. People are used to waking up to a domain deal on the front stoop of a bright new month, and so instead of people “liking” us, they “flipping despised” us. Luckily there’s no button for that.

With no physical challenges, bureuacratic stipulations or unwieldy demands, here’s the promo code:


And the goodness it brings:

Use it through the end of February, 2012 for $9.99 Com/Net reg/renew, $29.99 .TV renewals and 50% off any of our hosting plans (that’s monthly OR YEARLY!)

Like any good company though, we weren’t totally sure we were wrong until a high-powered consultant could confirm it.


Aaa renewal promo code


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