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APT’s mission is to advance appropriate traditional and new technologies to care for, protect, and promote the longevity of the built environment and to cultivate the exchange of knowledge throughout the international community.

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Protecting Cultural Heritage and Historic Structures from Disasters
Disasters are increasing globally. Their adverse impacts on lives, livelihoods, and regional/local economies are increasingly felt. Losses to both our tangible and intangible cultural heritage and historic structures and sites during disasters are increasing also. These losses include not only those to sites, structures and artifacts of cultural significance, but they are also impacting cultural tourism and the financial resources cultural heritage and historic structures can introduce to local communities, cities and countries.

This webinar provides an overview of these concepts as an introduction to the Design Challenges For Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Session held at the October 2013 APT Conference in New York City.

Webinar production was made possible with a grant from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT).

Registration fee is $35 for APT members; $45 for non-members. Viewing is free to educational institutions; contact for the free web link.

To access the APT webinars, APT members click here and non-members click here.

For more information on other APT Webinars, visit the APT Training & Education page.

APT Bulletin

APT Bulletin articles showcase cutting-edge preservation techniques, as well as innovative applications of established restoration technologies.

APT Communique

Communique, APT’s electronic newsletter, enables APT members to exchange preservation information, publicize their news and awards, share project experience with colleagues, post call for papers, and submit preservation queries to the readership.

Text and illustrations from the back issues of the APT Bulletin are now available through JSTOR, online digital archive. This includes all past articles from the first issue up through the past year, as well as APT Bulletin’s predecessors.

As a benefit of membership, APT members can now use their existing member login to access the back issues of the APT Bulletin in JSTOR.

APT Building Technology Heritage Library

The APT Building Technology Heritage Library is an on-line, digitized collection of architectural and construction trade catalogs and related publications available for use by the public at no charge. The culmination of a four-year effort, the library is hosted as part of the Internet Archive.

Balancing restoration and sustainability without compromising heritage value is a real challenge. As a result, APT’s Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation (TC-SP) has developed the Online Sustainable Conservation Assistance Resource (OSCAR), which is a web-based decision-making tool for anyone seeking to make the best choices about energy-efficient and other sustainability improvements for historic buildings. The development of OSCAR has been underway through largely volunteer TC-SP committee effort since 2011. More information

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