Apr 8 2017

APTS – Association of Providers of Training Services #rental #agreement

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Welcome to APTS

The ACT Association of Providers of Training Services Incorporated (APTS) is a member based organisation established to support providers of training in Canberra and the surrounding region. Registered Training Organisations enjoy the benefits of membership including access to professional development forums, networking, lobbying and information services.

Established in 1991, APTS is the peak body of non-government training providers in the ACT and surrounding region. APTS is an active and dynamic organisation. Its members are diverse and include locally based training organisations, individual trainers and members of national organisations. APTS is recognised by the ACT government as representing private training providers in the ACT. The membership of APTS projects a professional image and association with quality

Undertaking training with an APTS member provides students with the additional quality seal of training with a member who regularly accesses professional development, is in touch with the local vocational training issues, and is up to date with the latest ‘trends’ in vocational education training.

APTS is Affiliated with the ACT Region Chamber of Commerce Industry.

Contact Information

Ms Jo Powell

Executive Officer

ACT Providers of Training Services Incorporated

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