Apr 14 2019

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Business, Technology, Healthcare Programs, NEF6.COM

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CYBER SECURITY DAY INFO SESSION Attend our Cyber Security Information Session and meet: Industry, Labour Market and Curriculum Experts to discuss our NEW Cyber Security Program ___________________________________________ Presentation agenda Labour Market Experts – 10 minutes Meet employers and Instructors – 15 minutes Program content – 20 minutes Question Period– 15 minutes

With the ever growing demand of network security professionals, Willis College’s graduates are well positioned to fill the global cybersecurity talent pipeline. Fortinet’s Founder CEO, Ken Xie’s decision to partner with Willis College and fill the cyber security talent pipeline must be applauded. Willis College is proud to

First published in EdTech Digital by Jennifer Teeters The future of cybersecurity is at risk. That’s not a statement I make lightly, and I don’t believe I’m being “Chicken Little” either. The reality is that we are facing a massive cybersecurity workforce shortfall in the number of qualified and trained security professionals .

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