Jan 31 2017

Cheap Oahu Car Rental: Honolulu Car Rentals at the Airport: HNL #rent #homes

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CHEAP Oahu Car Rental

Honolulu Car Rentals at the Airport

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The Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is the largest hub in the State of Hawaii. It’s one of only three airports in the state which can accommodate international flights. HNL also functions as a joint military-civilian airport. thus, sharing airfield facilities with the adjacent Hickam AFB.

The Airport occupies over two-thousand acres of land and over two-thousand acres of water. The airport location is about 3 miles west (10 minutes) of Downtown Honolulu. and about 7 miles (15 minutes) from Waikiki .

At one time, Oahu was called the ‘gathering place’ by acient civilizations. Native peoples from all the islands would meet on Oahu’s shores. To this day, Oahu continues to be a ‘gathering place’. Visitors from around the world come here to enjoy the culture, scenery beautiful weather. The Honolulu International Airport is the Hawaiian Islands major airport of entry and departure.

List of rental car companies located on-site at the Oahu airport (HNL).


Airport (808) 834-0461

Avis Rent-A-Car

Airport (808) 834-5536

Budget Rent-A-Car

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