Aug 11 2017

Choosing a United Methodist Seminary – Explore Calling #methodist #seminary #schools

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Choosing a United Methodist Seminary

God has called you to serve as a leader in the church of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you are sensing a call to pastoral leadership, the chaplaincy, a specialized ministry or as a lay professional. Whatever your calling, the choice of seminary is one of the most important decisions you will make on this incredible faith journey. In a seminary you will not only learn, but you will be shaped as a spiritual leader. Our 13 United Methodist seminaries in the United States have educated outstanding preachers and teachers, evangelists and missionaries, chaplains and lay leaders who have led the church and changed the world in the name of Jesus Christ. There are many good reasons why you should choose a United Methodist seminary.


At these schools you will study with leading United Methodist biblical scholars, theologians, and professors who are shaping United Methodist theology today. Creative teachers will keep you on the cutting edge of United Methodist theology and church life.


Our seminaries are vital parts of the United Methodist connection. You will have frequent opportunities to connect with bishops, superintendents, pastors, and denominational executives.

Global vision

In faithfulness to John Wesley s conviction that the world is [our] parish, our United Methodist seminaries are committed to the global dimensions of the gospel. The presence of international students and connections with seminaries in other nations will expand your vision of the church in the world.


Our United Methodist seminaries carry on the heritage and tradition of our denomination. Effective ministry is enhanced by living and learning in communities shaped by that tradition. Our 13 United Methodist seminaries take pride in their historic ties with the church and will ground you in the United Methodist tradition.

Practice what you preach

Training spiritual leaders for The United Methodist Church is central to their mission. The seminaries provide a clear focus on the practice of ministry, as well as thoughtful theological reflection. Theological study at a United Methodist seminary is always related to the practice of ministry and its context today.


Our United Methodist seminaries have dedicated themselves to maintaining outstanding library collections to undergird quality education. Our libraries offer resources not available at schools of other denominations. They are the centerpiece of quality facilities, creating settings conducive to learning.


Theological education in preparation for ministry is always more than classwork. It involves the formation of the whole person as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Therefore, academic study must be set in the context of worship and spiritual formation which grow out of our rich Wesleyan heritage. Opportunities for worship, Bible study, and frequent celebration of the Eucharist encourage spiritual growth.

Exercise your intellect

United Methodist seminaries seek to fulfill John Wesley s vision to unite the two so long disjoined knowledge and vital piety. Your intellect will be challenged, and your mind will be stretched to become, in the words of John Cobb, a thinking Christian.

God has called you to serve. You have taken the first steps in response. As you prayerfully consider your preparation and training, consider our 13 United Methodist theological schools. If you plan to serve in The United Methodist Church, there is no better place to prepare for your ministry.

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