Aug 27 2018

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classic car hire scotland .






classic car hire scotland

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Classic car hire scotland. Hire one of our classic cars for your holiday in Southern Scotland and enjoy the romance of historic motoring.

If you are planning a classic car motoring holiday in the beautiful region of Southern Scotland or just spending some time away with a few friends and fancy doing something really special then consider hiring one of our splendid classic cars.

Motorparty Classic Car Hire

Please take your time to browse through the list of unique classic cars opposite and find one that suits your needs.

Perhaps you would like to suprise a relative or friend with a gift voucher (personalised wording of the customers choice) redeemable in exchange for (or towards) a special day out in the classic car of their choice.

Dreams can become reality!

Why not fulfil your own motoring ambition and hire a classic car for your own pleasure!

We are not in the game of just hiring out old cars. What we hope to to do is to share the enjoyment and passion the cars were created to evoke, whether as a result of performance or just travelling in time back to a bygone age.

We also have the distinct advantage of being based in an area where the roads are clear and the scenery magnificent. Coupled with the slower pace of rural life, special to this part of the country where everyone has time to stop and talk, the ingredients are all there – the best machinery and the perfect place to – get away!


Self drive classic car hire Scotland.

Vintage touring par excellence

We are happy to deliver any Classic Car within 5 miles radius at no extra cost. Deliveries further afield will be an extra cost of 2 per mile.

Weekend Breaks! Rather than spending your money on delivery, why not spoil yourselves and enjoy a weekend in one of our recommended local hotels or B ?>

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