Apr 22 2020

Dallas pd

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The Dallas Police Department held an LGBTQ+ self-defense training course Saturday afternoon.

Dallas PD holds LGBTQ+ self-defense training course

Posted Jul 27 2019 02:28PM CDT DALLAS – The Dallas Police Department held an LGBTQ+ self-defense training course Saturday afternoon. The free class was led by 10th degree black belt Nick Chamberlain at the Juanita Craft Recration Center. It was held after several recent assaults and murders of members of the LGBTQ+ community. This workshop helped people learn “physical and mental self-defense techniques” to increase their personal safety.

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Uber considering Dallas for new headquarters

Posted Aug 09 2019 05:34PM CDT Updated Aug 09 2019 05:59PM CDT Ride-share giant Uber is reportedly considering Dallas as the site for a new office. It would be the largest Uber facility outside of its San Francisco headquarters, bringing with it about 3,000 jobs. One site under consideration is in Deep Ellum, in the possible deal that could see Uber’s corporate side roll into Dallas.

North Texas woman among 2 accused of stealing dogs, trying to sell them at Wisconsin animal rescue

Posted Aug 09 2019 05:09PM CDT Updated Aug 09 2019 05:59PM CDT Two women who are in charge of animal rescue groups have been charged with stealing a family’s dogs and then taking them hundreds of miles away to try and sell them. Police say Cynthia Durham, of Van Zandt County, and Patricia Junk, of Jackson County, Wisconsin, conspired to steal the dogs from Durham’s neighbor, and then adopt them out through Junk’s animal rescue in Wisconsin. Durham is also president of the Van Zandt County Humane Society.

LULAC demands Texas lawmakers hold special session after El Paso mass shooting

Posted Aug 09 2019 04:48PM CDT Updated Aug 09 2019 06:00PM CDT A group of Democratic lawmakers from North Texas are demanding the governor call a special session of the legislature to take action on gun control legislation. The national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens led the charge. After the shooting deaths of 22 people in El Paso this week, he says the Texas legislature needs to act before the next regular legislative session in 2021.


Dallas pd


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