Jul 3 2018

Discount Textbooks Keele Street, rental textbooks.#Rental #textbooks

(Last Updated On: 23/09/2019)

rental textbooks

Rental textbooks

Rental textbooks

Rental textbooks

Our other locations at 229 College St. and 215 Victoria St. are operating normal hours.

We’re the largest independently owned and operated off-campus bookstore in Canada. At our Keele Street location we sell course books primarily for York University students.

We sell the same titles and editions as your campus bookstore at cheaper prices all year-round. Each and every semester, we stock a large selection of new and used textbooks.

Conveniently located just a few steps away from your school, we extend our operating hours at the beginning of each term and maintain regular hours throughout the entire year to serve you better.

We’ll buy your textbooks if they’re on course/in demand for the current term.

Visa, MasterCard, Debit, and Cash accepted. Although the refund/exchange policy for each of our stores varies according to the school we serve, you can be sure that it’s identical to the one posted at your school’s bookstore.

**We are a green company. Our focus is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We run an efficient operation with the future of the environment in mind by actively reducing the amount of documents printed; using double-sided paper; reusing and recycling our skids, cardboard boxes, packaging material, paper, & old edition textbooks.

Rental textbooks

Rental textbooks Rental textbooks Rental textbooks Rental textbooks

Buybacks begin on the first day of each semester. It’s always best to sell your textbooks during the first week. The longer you wait, the harder it is to sell.

We pay up to 50% cash for your used textbooks! Amount payable is based on the publisher’s suggested retail price. For example, a textbook that originally costs $100.00 is worth $50 cash.

Save even more. Sell your books for instant credit towards purchase and also save the HST on the credit amount! Rather than getting cash when you sell, you can use the amount as a credit towards your same day purchase and also save the 5% HST on the credit amount.

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