Sep 28 2017

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Degree and Accreditation

Looking to build OR better your career?
Sheffield State University Offers Life Experience Degree On 300 +

  • Degree Based Solely On Credit

    How can I earn an entire degree based solely on credit for life or work experience?
    Sheffield State University offers life experience degree on the basis of course work.
    We help those individuals who wish to earn accredited work.

  • Earn Recognized Life Experience Degrees

    Earn life experience degree through the Jobs, Military Training or through Social Work or Community based work experience. Colleges and Universities like Sheffield State University will accept your Life Experience and provide you credits in courses. This Assurance of Work credits offer to accelerate your e-learning college experience, while providing you to earn a fully accredited life experience based degree. But do remember that, not all the colleges and universities provide “Life Experience Degree Programs” and also you have to check properly that if institution is authorized by U.S Department of Education or not.

    Most of you don’t know that your own life experience have given you a good chance to earn credits for your college degree. But how you will know that your experience is fulfilling the requirement of some colleges and universities who independently design and proctors its life experience degree programs. So, it’s important that you should research potential programs to rectify their relevancy to your education objectives and life experience. You should also make sure that the institution you’re considering is fully accredited.

    Confidently Demonstrate with Accredited Life Experience Degree

    Rather, audit curricula for life experience degree program you’ve chosen. On the off chance that you as of now have inside and out learning for a specific course, essentially seek life credit. Simply be arranged to “demonstrate” your insight through different sources, for example,

    • Attendance of courses/workshops/gatherings
    • Licensure or certificates
    • Professionally composed books or papers
    • Community administration
    • Military administration
    • Specialized preparing
    • Work experience
    • Various tests or Assessments

    Share Your Experience Represent Your Life Experience Degree

    In the event that the learning you achieved was strictly through life experience or group administration, you may need to give proof of your aptitudes to get eligible for life experience degrees . For example, the school or college may request that you submit letters from your bosses, or other relevant elements, that affirm your occupation obligations. The organization might likewise request a duplicate of your resume.

    For information exhibited through distributed books/papers and licensure/affirmation, you may be solicited to submit duplicates from these materials to get eligible for life experience based degrees. Same goes for military administration, be arranged to submit a letter from your unequivocal leader delineating your life experience, military preparing and claim to fame. In case you’re a previous administrations part, hope to submit a duplicate of your DD Form 214, or other relevant reports, indicating preparing and life experience.

    While the methodology of requisitioning life credits may oblige a bit of legwork, don’t quit. It might be the most advantageous commitment you can make to satisfy your instructive dream. Furthermore, recollect, if the school or college concurs with your life experience appraisal, you’ve quite recently scored your first grand slam.

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