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Electric Smoke Detector Won – t Stop Beeping #fire #alarm #beeping

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Electric Smoke Detector Won t Stop Beeping

By Kelly R. [1 Post] 6 found this helpful

I had the same issue. My detector beeped loudly once a minute; and another one beeped once a minute, so beeps were heard every 30 seconds from 2 detectors. I vacuumed the units, turned off circuit breaker, disconnected wire unit from detectors, replaced batteries, held test button with battery out and then with battery in. None of this helped. All detectors had green solid light. I tried to solve all day and got a headache of course.

Finally (and this is noted by others too), I checked my plug-in (stand alone, not connected/wired to house or to smoke detectors) carbon monoxide detector (Kiddie brand, bought about 3 years ago; smoke detectors came with new house, now about 8 years old). I had just quickly plugged the carbon detector units into outlets and forgot about them. The carbon monoxide detector was going off! It had a red light flashing. My second carbon monoxide detector (Kiddie, same as this one) was NOT alarming and had steady green light! I unplugged the flashing carbon detector and INSTANTLY all smoke detectors were quiet Yikes! There was no carbon monoxide, I m not sure why it went off.

So I d suggest if you have wired/electrical smoke detectors to try unplugging various other things; sensor lights, alarms, small appliances, anything recently plugged in, etc. It might not make sense but it s an easy quick thing to try before trying complicated or expensive solutions, and to avoid headaches! Good luck!

By kanti.parekh [1 Post, 2 Comments] 2 found this helpful

My smoke alarm was set off when there was a lot of dust during a DIY job. It wouldn’t stop bleeping when I decided to replace the battery on completing the DIY.

By P.Rosendahl [1 Post, 19 Comments]

December 27, 2008 1 found this helpful

There are two types of smoke detectors. One type detects smoke and the other type sees fire. Either of these 2 units do not have a long life span only about 5-7 years. Just because the smoke detectors beeps does NOT prove the smoke detectors are in functioning order. The only way to test the smoke detectors is going outside and lighting a fire (log, newspaper etc.) away from any buildings and then slowing bring the smoke detector near the smoke and flame to hear if the smoke detector alarms. If no alarm sounds the smoke detector must be thrown away and a new one purchased, usually less than $10.00. More than 5,000 people die each year in house fires, most could be avoided if the smoke detector worked. PLEASE check all of the detectors in our house. Your life is worth more than a few bucks.

P.S. Where is your fire extinguisher? It should be placed near the exit of your house or work. NOT IN THE KITCHEN! If the fire is in the kitchen how would you reach the fire extinguisher? As you are exiting the building and the fire extinguisher is near the exit and you believe you can put the fire out then use the fire extinguisher at hand. Remember this acronym – PPS Pull the pin, Point the nozzle, Pull the handle, Sweep the base of the fire. If the fire is not contained get the heck out of the building, NOTHING in the building is worth your life.

By guest (Guest Post)

January 7, 2009 2 found this helpful

Here is some detailed help for those of us who are mechanically challenged.

First, check your carbon monoxide (CO2) detector, if you have one, to make sure it is not the one beeping. (If it is, open windows to air out the house and get some help to fix the problem.)

Second, make sure the temperature in your home is within the tolerable range for your detector. (Mine has to be above 40 degrees F, and below 100 degrees.)

Third, change the battery. (Some steps below may not apply to your smoke detector, but hopefully this list will help anyway.)

How to change the battery:

Look where the alarm is attached to the wall, and remove the little plastic stick that is stopping the alarm from being turned, if present. (Mine had one in a slot on the right side. It just pulled off.)

Turn alarm in the direction of the arrows on the front of smoke detector. (Mine only turned a tiny bit, clockwise, then I had to pull the alarm straight away from the wall.)

It may be connected still by wires to the wall (or to a hole in the wall actually.) Squeeze both sides of the plastic piece where the wires come out of the back of the alarm and pull straight away from the alarm to remove the plastic plug holding the wires.

Now, hopefully, you can open the battery door to change the battery. My battery compartment had a piece of plastic (like a stick) on a spring that popped up when battery was removed. I had to push the plastic stick down into the battery compartment, then push the new battery on top of it so the battery door would close.

If it still beeps after you change the battery, try flipping the battery over. If it still beeps, try a different, new battery, and try it flipped over if needed.

If it still beeps then you may have to buy a can of compressed air to blow the dust out, OR buy a new smoke detector, whichever is cheaper/easier.

I hope this helps others to avoid the hassle I had to figure out how to change the stupid battery. Mine is still beeping so I ll try the compressed air or buy a new smoke detector once it is daylight.

April 5, 2011 0 found this helpful

Are they older than 12 years? Most manufacturers say replace them after 10-12 years. Are the vents clean of all dust and bugs? If they are hardwired, you may need to reset your breaker (off and back on) or hit the reset button on the alarm. If all else fails, replace them. I am a firefighter, and too many times have heard people say they disconnected them instead of replacing them, sadly, they tell us as we are fighting their house fire.

By Annie Rios Hill [14 Posts, 1,773 Comments]

April 8, 2011 0 found this helpful

My friend had that problem and had to call fire dept hers just went off in middle of the night it turned out it was the wiring, it did take the fireman quite a bit of time to figure that out and they said they learned from coming out to her home.

Good luck to you.

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