Oct 16 2019

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Firefly Mobile Mobile Phones Price List in the Philippines June 2017

About Firefly Mobile Mobile Phones


In a country where residents are tech savvy and connected thru SMS messaging system more than anyone else in the world, the market for low budget mobile phones is pretty huge. Big brand names such as Samsung and Apple take a considerable share of the market but there is still a significant share of Filipinos who would prefer to buy reasonably priced phones that do not skimp on features. A lot of small businesses have risen up to this challenge including Firefly Mobile. Not to be mistaken for an American company, the Firefly Mobile brand is 100% Filipino and owned by Indigo Networks. The company sees to it that the average person is provided with a multitude of alternatives which will not only meet all kinds of budget but also lifestyle needs.

Popularity in the Philippines

The average Filipino is practical and not easily swayed by big brand names especially when he knows that he cannot afford it. Instead, he will choose to look for other mobile phones which can deliver the same excellent performance but does not come with a steep price tag.

True enough; the company introduced numerous mobile phone models with features that will leave you impressed. For instance, their Firefly A520 has Triple Active SIM, TV phone and dual camera with a P2090 price. The rest of their phone models come with Dual SIM / Dual Standby capabilities which is certainly a lot of Filipinos look for in a mobile phone for the convenience it offers. Their entry level feature phones sport the usual candy bar design with alphanumeric keyboards while their mid- to high level phones can have QWERTY keypad or touchscreen display as well as built in social media apps such as twitter, Yahoo and Facebook. Users can also download more apps from the Game Center.

For the ordinary Filipino, having a mobile phone that looks good and can be relied on for calls, messaging, music listening and taking photos is enough. The best thing, of course, is that Firefly Mobile phones are very much affordable with prices ranging from P1090 to P4790 depending on the specs.

Official Stores

Finding Firefly Mobile phones is certainly a breeze as they are carried by a number of reputable resellers and retailers. You can try to take advantage of promo offers which means additional savings by checking the company’s official Facebook page or website or

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