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Freecharge for pc

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Freecharge for pc-Freecharge for pc
Freecharge for pc-Easily Delete FreeCharge Account and opt out from every FreeCharge services by contacting them. Get your FreeCharge Deactivated

How To Delete FreeCharge Account – Easiest Method Ever

Delete Freecharge Account if you no longer want to use FreeCharge and its services, you can anytime Delete Freecharge Account by doing a simple trick. Whatever the reason may be, you want to delete your FreeCharge account, then follow the below-given guide.

FreeCharge is one of the top and much popular Online Recharge and Mobile Wallet Service in India. Their service is good and for any reason, if you want to delete FreeCharge Account, you can do it. Recently they introduced the Virtual Debit Card service and Mobile Wallet for enhancing their services. However, we can even say that FreeCharge is one of the top 5 Mobile Wallet and Recharging sites in India. Thousands of people use FreeCharge daily for recharging and send/receive money through the FreeCharge wallet.

Now, what will you do to Delete FreeCharge Account for any reason? Yeah, that’s exactly why you are here. As like Facebook or Twitter, FreeCharge doesn’t offer us an option to Delete Freecharge Account within their site. If you want to delete your Freecharge account, then you must contact them through direct Email.

Recently, Freecharge integrated this UPI feature into their app and things got even better. Now, you can make payments, recharge and bill payments directly from your Bank Account via the UPI option that is newly introduced in the latest Freecharge application for Android and iOS. For a very long time, Freecharge was lacking this feature and now it is available.

Now let’s check How to contact the FreeCharge Support team and Delete Freecharge Account.

Why delete Freecharge Account?

There may be hundreds of reasons why you want to delete your Freecharge account, but let me make a thing clear to you. A lot of people try to delete their existing Freecharge account in order to apply used coupon code again and again. For New Users, Freecharge is giving a lot of offers and free cashback. But for an existing account, the number of offers and cashback they receive will be really low compared to a new account. So what people think is that if they delete their account and create one again they can avail those new user coupons again.

Let me make it clear that even if you delete your Freecharge account and create a new one with the same Email ID, you won’t be able to get all that New User coupons, cashback, and benefits. So, if your sole intention of deleting Freecharge account is to create a new one again and avail cashback, then better not do it. As there won’t be any benefit from this.

Delete Freecharge Account

As told earlier, you need to contact the FreeCharge support team via Email to get in touch with them, let’s see how. If you go to your Freecharge account settings, you won’t be able to find any option of closing your Freecharge account or deleting your Freecharge account. Freecharge doesn’t want you to delete your account from them, so if you want to delete, then you will have to contact them directly.

Follow the below given three steps and you can get your account deleted in 24 hours.

Step 1: Login to your email account associated with your Freecharge ID and click on Compose new Email

Step 2: In the To Email field, type [email protected]

Step 3: Now write an Email to their support team. You can explain why you are leaving FreeCharge. and request them to get you out from their service.

As soon as they receive your Email, they will Delete FreeCharge Account and send an email back to you like one below. It might take a little while for you to get a reply from their support team. In most cases, you can expect a reply from them in less than 24 hours.

Now you have successfully opted out from FreeCharge and its services.

Do Remember –

Before contacting the FreeCharge Support team, make sure that you don’t have any balance left in your account. If you have, consider using it than simply wasting. You can do online shopping or recharge using the amount in your FreeCharge account. Now you can transfer the money in your Freecharge wallet to your bank account.

Freecharge Alternatives

There are few other good Online Recharge/ Bill Payment and UPI Apps that are similar to Freecharge. If you wish to use some other apps then here is the list of some FreeCharge alternatives that are worth trying.

The number one alternative is, of course, PayTM. Paytm is the best Online Bill Payment/Recharge and UPI App available these days. Paytm comes with a plethora of different options and bill payments like Ticket Booking, DTH/Mobile Recharge, Utility Bill Payments, UPI Services, Online Shopping, Wallet, Online Bank, Paytm Postpaid and a lot more. Paytm is worthy alternative to Freecharge and you can start using it right away.

Mobikwik is another interesting online recharge and bill payment app/website that gives you rewards based on your spends. You will earn cashback in the form of supercash and you can convert these supercash into real cash within the Mobikwik wallet. This app also has ticket booking, UPI Services, Credit-based payments and a lot more. You can also consider using Mobikwik as an alternative to Freecharge to make online payments, ticket bookings and recharges.

Final Words

See How simple it was to delete your FreeCharge account by sending a simple email to their support team. In fact, it’s not that easy as deleting your account by simply clicking a button. You will have to manually delete your account by sending an email to Freecharge. You can copy-paste the template given above and send a descriptive email to them explaining why you want to delete your account. I have also mentioned some good sites/apps like Freecharge that has a similar feature and even more features than what Freecharge has in the offer.

Now you have successfully opted out from their services. You will no longer receive any Promotional Emails or Newsletters from FreeCharge.


Freecharge for pc


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