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Full-Time Two-Year MBA Program #tcu #mba #program

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Full-Time Two-Year MBA Program

At Katz, we prepare students for a business world that is constantly changing. Our Two-Year MBA program is rooted in experience-based learning. We transform students into business leaders who practice globalism, collaboration, and innovation.

Katz gives students the best of both worlds. Students receive a comprehensive business education and choose a core business area of specialization. They develop the strategic mindset to think big picture and possess the expertise that adds immediate value to a company.

Achieve More

Our program is designed to help focused individuals advance or change their careers. Katz offers the personalized attention of a small school, but is a part of something big: the University of Pittsburgh, which is a large research institution situated in a major U.S. city. In 2011, 90 percent of Katz students received job offers within 90 days of graduation. Some work for Fortune 500 companies with offices in Pittsburgh and others move to cities across the world.

Make Lasting Connections

The networks students build at Katz are enduring. Our award-winning faculty members mentor students and provide guidance that pays long-term dividends. Our 23,000+ alumni reside in nearly 90 different countries and help open doors for Katz MBAs. Our Career Management team has established strong relationships with corporate recruiters and business leaders, making both groups a regular presence on the Katz campus.

Learn by Doing

Experience-based learning is the backbone of the Katz curriculum. Many of our students complete Consulting Field Projects. which give them the opportunity to work as management consultants, sometimes for multi-billion-dollar companies. Our finance classes are held in our Financial Analysis Lab, a 3,000 square-foot facility that, much like a Wall Street trading room, has a running ticker, tote boards, and bank of computers loaded with analysis software. Students grow their understanding of international business by studying abroad or by completing a Global Research Practicum .

Stand Out from the Competition

At Katz, students enhance foundations in the business fundamentals by selecting a concentration. We offer concentrations in finance; information systems; marketing; operations management; organizational behavior and management; and strategy, environment, and organizations. Katz also gives students the opportunity to further refine business talents by completing a certificate. Katz MBA Certificates include: Global Supply Chain Management Certificate; Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Certificate; Organizational Leadership Certificate; Global Management Certificate; Corporate Valuation Certificate; Corporate Financial Management Certificate; Investments and Trading Certificate; Project Management Certificate; Digital Marketing Certificate.

Degree Requirements

Upon formal admission to the full-time, Two-Year MBA program, a student must fulfill the following requirements in order to receive the MBA degree:

  • A minimum of 57 credits of approved graduate-level coursework
  • The appropriate distribution of required core courses and elective courses
  • A minimum cumulative quality point average (QPA) of 3.0
  • Students must declare an area of concentration and a Katz certificate of study to which elective credits will be applied

A Sample Schedule with All Required Courses for Katz Two-Year MBA

Transition Module: August

Technical Workshops
Concentrations/Dual-Degree Presentations
Registration and Information Procedures sessions
Career Evaluation

Year One, Fall Term – 15 credits

  • BACC 2401 Financial Accounting (3 credits)
  • BECN 2401 Economic Analysis for Managerial Decisions (3 credits)
  • BQOM 2401 Statistical Analysis (3 credits)
  • BFIN 2409 Financial Management 1 (1.5 credits)
  • BMKT 2409 Marketing Management (1.5 credits)
  • BOAH 2409 Organizational Behavior (1.5 credits)
  • 1.5 elective credits of your choice

Year One, Spring Term – 15 credits

  • BQOM 2421 Decision Technologies (1.5 credits)
  • BSPP 2409 Strategic Management (1.5 credits)
  • BMIS 2409 Information Systems (1.5 credits)
  • BSEO 2401 Business Ethics Social Performance (1.5 credits)
  • 9 elective credits of your choice

Year Two, Fall Spring Terms – 15 credits, both semesters

Caveat. To prevent scheduling complications, it is strongly recommended for students to satisfy as many core courses prior to his/her final term as possible. Ideally, a student should enroll into only one (1) core course during the final term, if necessary.

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