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The phone rings and Darren answers it. Listen as Darren talks to the lady on the phone and his wife who is in the bathtub.

Darren. Carol. telephone.

Carol. Who is it?

Darren. I don’t know. Wait a sec. (to the person on the phone) May I ask who’s calling, please? (pause) Carol. it’s Susan.

Carol. Oh, I’m in the bathtub. Can you ask her if it’s important?

Darren. Sorry Susan, Carol can’t come to the phone right now. Is there something I can help you with? (pause) Oh, I see. (to Carol) Carol. she wants to know if the party is tonight or tomorrow night.

Carol. Tell her it’s tomorrow night at 8:00 at Jill’s house. Tell her to bring a dessert if she wants.

Darren. (to Susan) She said it’s tomorrow night at 8:00 at Jill’s house. She said you could bring a dessert if you want. (pause) Sure, no problem. Have a good evening. ‘Bye.

Get the phone = answer the phone.

Wait a sec = wait a second. Another way to tell someone to wait.

(Someone) can’t come to the phone right now. This is a polite way to tell someone the person they would like to talk is busy. It would be a little rude or embarrassing to say someone is in the bathroom (unless it’s a very close friend.)

Tell her to bring a dessert. Often when there is a party, people bring food to share.

Check Your Understanding

Choose the best answer. Check your answers below.

1. Who answers the telephone?

a. Darren
b. Carol
c. Susan

2. Where is Carol?

a. at work
b. in the kitchen
c. in the bathroom

3. What is a polite way to say someone can’t talk?

a. Carol is in the bathtub.
b. Carol doesn’t want to talk to you.
c. Carol can’t come to the phone right now.

4. When is the party?

a. tonight
b. tomorrow night
c. 7:00

5. At the end of the conversation, Darren says “Sure, no problem.*” What do you think Susan said before that?

a. Thanks for your help.
b. I will bring a dessert.
c. Where is Carol right now?

* No problem = you are welcome.

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