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You ve been warned. Do NOT use GoldCar.

We hired a car online through – car hire for Gold Car and our voucher stated PAID in FULL.

I even paid for full damage excess etc.

When we got to Faro to collect our car we were told that this excess does not cover the whole car. Ever heard of anything this ridiculous? We had to secure a deposit of €900 on our credit card or pay an additional €60 for full cover. If you mention that you do not want to pay any additional fees, the sales personnel are quick to pull out a sheet of charges to show you what it would cost if the car broke down / had a flat tyre etc. thus you do not actually have a choice to pay the additional €60 as you do not know what condition the car would be in etc. And directly after paying the €60 they add with a smile that Portugal is a safe country! So sneaky and deceitful.

We were then informed that the car had 1/2 tank of fuel in and we had to pay €55 for this fuel (if the tank was filled up it would cost €110) and we should return the car as empty as possible. This is madness. How can you expect tourists to drive around in an unfimiliar car and surroundings with minimum fuel in. All other reputable car hire companies provide you with a full tank and ask you to return the car filled up, otherwise they will charge a levy to fill the car up on your behalf. The car we hired has a 55 litre fuel tank – thus it would cost max €70 to fill up, NOT €110. This is daylight robbery. They should be ashamed.

Do not even try to complain to them or aim to discuss this – Gold Car s customer service is non existing!

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