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Greatest Common Factor Worksheets #gcf, #largest #factor, #greatest #common #factor

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Greatest Common Factor Worksheets

A wide range of worksheets is available on this page for the students to practice finding the GCF of whole numbers and finding the GCF of polynomials. The worksheets also include Venn diagram. The GCF can also be known as greatest common divisor, highest common factor, greatest common measure or highest common divisor. Recommended for 6th grade through 8th grade.

GCF of Whole Numbers

GCF of two numbers: Descriptive

Find the factors of each number separately. Use them to find their greatest common factor.

GCF of two numbers: Standard

The students should find the GCF of each pair of numbers. They may start with the easy level and move on to the higher levels.

GCF of two numbers: Venn diagram

Complete the Venn diagram for each pair of numbers. List out the common factors and find the GCF.

Reduce the fractions using GCF

Find the GCF of the numerator and denominator of each fraction. Reduce each fraction to its lowest term.

GCF of three numbers

Find the GCF of each set of three numbers. The easy level has numbers up to 25 and the medium level has numbers up to 100.

GCF of Polynomials

GCF of monomials

The worksheets contain exercises on finding the GCF of each pair of monomials.

GCF of polynomials

Each worksheet has 10 pairs of polynomials. Determine the greatest common factor of each pair of polynomials.

Use the following link to download the entire set of greatest common factor worksheets at one click.

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