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Rental Properties

Looking for an apartment rental? has tens of thousands of apartments listed for immediate occupancy. Apartments offer tenants a living space that can be less costly to rent than a rental home. Other advantages include location to downtown or highly populated areas, lack of landscape maintenance by the tenant. Many apartments have amenities that rental homes do not, such as clubhouses, furnished units, paid utilities, fitness centers, golf, tennis, basketball, spas, community swimming pools, and more. Search our huge selection of apartment rentals .

A condo is very similar to an apartment as far as amenities are concerned. A major draw for condo rentals are the lower cost when compared to a rent house and are usually located in highly desirable areas. Condos can also refer to a collection of home-like units, in contrast to the apartment like development. A major advantage to condominiums are their maintenance free lifestyle. With a condo, the landscaping is usually maintained by the homeowners association. Many condominiums come furnished. Search condos for rent .

Duplexes are usually properties connected and located next to one another. However, they can be also be located on two separate floors and have an exterior that looks much like a house. Although these rentals usually comprise of just two units, the term can sometimes include a triplex or fourplex (more commonly known as a quadruplex). Although somewhat similar to an apartment, a duplex is obviously a much smaller development. Find duplexes for rent in your area on! Browse our selection of duplexes for rent.

If you are looking for houses for rent, you are not alone. Rental homes are among the most popular type of rental properties. One reason homes for rent are so popular is because they offer tenants the ability to live in desirable residential neighborhoods without assuming a mortgage, pay annual real estate taxes, and have someone living above or below them. Rental houses are a smart financial decision for short term living terms because the tenant avoids expensive mortgage closing costs, taxes, or any of the other costs associated with the initial purchase of a home. Rental homes can also offer tenants personal garages, private pools, a yard for their pets, home offices, more space, and amenities and privacy usually not seen in apartments or condos. View houses for rent .

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