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LAX Car Rental Locations. #flats #to #let

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LAX Car Rental Locations

Those looking for LAX car rental can benefit from a few basic tips about this major airport.

Los Angeles International Airport or LAX is a unique travel center for the Southern California region. Officials identify this airport as the busiest origin and departure airport in the country, meaning that the most passengers use it for either an initial departure or the endpoint of a multi-flight trip. It s also 13th in the nation in terms of overall passenger volume, according to airport resources.

The Los Angeles International Airport serves one of the nation s busiest municipalities, as well. The city of Los Angeles is nearly 500 square miles of urban landscape comprised of many different neighborhoods and suburban areas. With a combined population of over 12 million residents in the metropolitan area, Los Angeles represents the second most populous U.S. city and a formidable economic powerhouse of the west coast.

Visitors to LAX can use freeway 105 (locally, Century Freeway) to get to the coastal LAX airport from the East, or Freeway 405, the San Diego Freeway, from the north or south. Locally, Sepulveda Blvd. or Route 1 offers an additional entrance to LAX. Visitors use Sepulveda Blvd. or a connecting Century Blvd. from 405 to enter an airport loop that visits all of the terminals and main areas of the airport.

Rental Car Companies at Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport is also unique for the sheer number of rental car companies that serve visitors there. Due to the sprawling nature of Los Angeles, many flyers need to pick up rental cars in order to visit locations both near and far from the airport. Although the city maintains a public bus service, there is still a high demand for rental cars. This is reflected by the fact that over 40 rental car companies serve this airport, where many international airports are served by 7 to 12 national franchises.

Getting to Rental Car Company Locations at Los Angeles International Airport: Rental Directions

Ten main rental car companies are served by courtesy airport shuttles that take passengers to their rental car desks. These are Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, Fox, Payless, National, and Thrifty. The rest of the rental car companies that serve the airport may require additional transport. Passengers are recommended to call ahead for availability in all cases.

For the companies that are allowed to pick up passengers directly from the airport, flyers can find their airport shuttle buses on the lower arrival-level islands outside of the baggage claim area.

Public Transportation Options

Those arriving at LAX can go to the LAX Shuttle Airline Connections sign located on the lower arrival-level islands in front of each terminal to find connections to the Los Angeles Green metro line. These travelers can take the airport bus shuttles marked G .

Figuring out ground transportation options ahead of time can help visitors to Los Angeles International Airport to think ahead and reduce problems in making their way towards all of the many destinations within the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Doing the necessary research and taking into account busy travel conditions at large airports like LAX will help individuals craft an easier, safer and more convenient trip.

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