Jan 14 2020

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Local homes for rent


a list of homes for rent by owner


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There are lots of sites online these days where you can search for homes for rent. But why rent when you can buy for almost the same monthly payments? If it’s a credit issue, you can try rent-to-own. In any case, it’s important to know the value of a home if you have any interest in buying it. The only way to get an accurate home value is to have a Realtor get you comps.

Now there’s a website where anyone can order Realtor Comps anywhere in the U.S and do it all online. It’s as easy as filling out a short order form at

The most accurate comps report to order is a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). It has page after page of side-by-side comparisons of sold properties in the area of the subject property along with a value analysis including value adjustments for the differences between the properties.

Once you submit your order, they send it to an agent in your area who runs your comps report immediately and emails it to you in about a day.


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