Sep 26 2016

Luxury Car Rental Dubai – Hire Luxury Cars

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luxury Car Rental Dubai works for CW Group and is one of the leading car hire companies in Dubai, as well as in European regions such as Monaco, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. The Dubai car rental service is geared to the needs of our customers. Our luxury cars are booked each year up to 5000 times for holidays or business trips. We offer a wide selection of luxury cars for rent, including convertibles, wedding cars, sports cars, super cars and SUV (4 4). Rent one of our cars in Dubai and enjoy a stay with incomparable performance, high quality luxury cars, all under monitoring and service from the CW group professionals.

CW Group Unforgettable adventure

Germany is a wonderful attraction, where you can spend your holiday or weekend. Germany offers exciting entertainment and cultural centers, as well as an extraordinary lifestyle. Make your trip to Berlin or any other city a unique experience when you rent a luxury car and enjoy the beautiful scenery. CW group will provide all the necessary information when you rent a luxury car. We provide everything as soon as you receive the car at the reception.

Paris is known for its nightlife, festivals, its high quality of life, diverse architecture and contemporary art. Let us help you learn more about this city. Rent one of our luxury cars in Paris and enjoy the city of love. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time. The team CW Group and Luxury Car Hire Dubai are here for you to discover Paris.

Monaco the unforgettable attraction of romance, relaxation and culture. This is where the rich and famous meet. Monaco offers incredible views, attractions and entertainment. Explore Monaco with one of our luxury cars and cruise sites like Cannes, Saint-Tropez and many beautiful places on the Cote d Azur. Contact us, we will organize an exciting journey.


VIP Service der CW Group

Luxury car rental with the CW Group

Welcome to the CW Group, one of the largest rental companies with the most exclusive cars in Dubai. With our low prices and our large selection of luxury cars for rent, we are already the first reference in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Monaco ,Switzerland and Austria. We offer luxury car rental of any kind. With more than 10,000 luxury car rentals a year, the CW Group has become a reputed name in respect of quality and reliability. We have the best prices and service across Europe and Dubai. Contact the CW Group and we will bring you the vehicle you want at a common meeting point chosen by you. In our inventory, we have a great choice of 500 vehicles from the best brands.

If you want a sports car instead of renting a limo, you are at the right place too. We have all the latest models of luxury cars available. Exclusive cars like Maserati and BMW. 24 hours, 365 days a year.

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