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Lyft promo codes first time

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Lyft promo codes first time-Lyft promo codes first time
Lyft promo codes first time-374 reviews for Lyft, 2.3 stars: “I had a phone that was left in the back of the car and as soon as I walked in the door of my home realized that while I could look out the window and still see the driver tearing down the street I tried to comedian Ali call him it was not answered…”

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I had a phone that was left in the back of the car and as soon as I walked in the door of my home realized that while I could look out the window and still see the driver tearing down the street I tried to comedian Ali call him it was not answered message Tim messages went unanswered so I emails Lyft and customer service did email me back and ensure that they would look into the problem and I realized my phone was gone within one or two minutes if the driver had simply answered his phone or return my message I would have got my phone back he stole my phone because he told them finally two days later after they claim to have made first contact with him which was ridiculous that it took that long and he said that he claimed he couldn’t find my stump phone so he he either stole it or the next passes the guy there but they didn’t do any type of diligence investigation into it was never given any kind of satisfaction for that you cannot get in touch with a person for any kind of customer service issues so their customer service is basically non-existent then tonight I was requesting a ride from of reluctantly and after 37 minutes of waiting and being told that the driver was 6 7 minutes away 6 minutes 7 Minutes 6 minutes 7 minutes and the driver when trying to be contacted would not answer text nor phone calls and then I canceled the ride through the app and was still charged $5 with PayPal I left some very very nice messages for those people and they did refund my PayPal account $5 but I still do not trust him will never use them again they can suck my $#*! they’re terrible they’re they’re thieves and they’re f****** pieces of garbage I’m sorry that I sugar-coated it so much I’ll try not to do that again

I tried every avenue to let Lyft know that a driver put me in danger. They refused to reimburse me. They ignored my reviews. I will now dispute with my bank because no woman should feel vialated or scared during her ride home and have Lyft ignore it.
I was a 5 year customer but because of this I have deleted the Lyft app and will only Uber in the future. When you no longer care about your customers, I no longer care to support your business.

I am so over this company. I use lyft daily and spend between $2,500 – $3,000 on lyft each year. I recently was picked up from the airport and my driver decided to make a last minute turn into the 405 literally doubling the length of my trip because I live in Venice. So, my 8 mile trip turned into 16. now here is the kicker – they charged me $43!! That’s literally double the highest fare I have ever paid from the airport- a trip I take twice a month. I reported it to lyft employees and a lyft supervisor, which must be a computer, because they assure me that I was charged correctly and refuse to give a refund. I even showed them my last 10 trips to the airport to prove why this is so wrong. Nothing.

Now I will tell my sisters story. She ordered a lyft to pick her up at 5 am the night before because she was flying out to Sweden. The dude showed up 30 minutes late and was yelling. She put her things in the back seat and went to put her things in the trunk and the guy took off with the passenger door open and her purse with passport and backpack. She called the police, but Lyft refused to give them the license plate without a court order. My sister called our friend who has a fast car, grabbed my moms phone, and tracked her phone which was in her purse. They followed the man all the way to the border of Mexico and when he finally pulled into a rest stop, they blocked him in and called the police. Local police arrested him and found out that he was intoxicated and driving WITHOUT A LICENSE. Best part. Lyft did absolutely nothing. Not one credit. Not one thing. I wish she brought it to a news outlet because this is way too dangerous to not be taken seriously. Please always take a picture of the license plate before getting in and be very aware.

Lyft – you should be ashamed. I don’t like Uber, but I’m taking my $2,500 – $3,000 a year to them.

My dad’s debit card was used fraudulently at this and other sites. Lyft did a quick investigation and determined it was fraud and refunded his money. (Grubhub refused to provide a refund after they determined it was fraud)

This company is a total scam. Myself and my other three girlfriends ordered an Lyft. The driver of our Lyft lost his marbles over us spilling some orange just on his already stained and nasty back seat and started screaming and yelling at us. We got very uncomfortable so we asked him to stop the car and let us out multiple times. He refused, locked all the car doors, and continued to drive on yelling and screaming. We kept asking over and over for him to pull over. He claimed he did not speak English, yet “STOP” is a pretty universal word. After about a mile of continuing on like this, my friend who was riding in the passenger seat forced him to pull over into a parking lot by shoving her hand in his face. He finally slowed down the car and came to a stop. She gave him $20 cash to clean his back seat so that he would just let us out. He snatched the money from her (which come to find out later, is against their policy). We finally get out of the car and start trying to run to safety. He started walking towards us and approaching us. I threatened to call the police, and then he retrieved to his car, opened the trunk and started digging around in it. We were all terrified that he was going to pull out a weapon and come after us since he seemed so unstable. We hid behind a building and attempted to go into the bathroom but the doors were key access only. We all literally saw our lives flash in before our eyes and there was nothing we could have done about it. He finally did go back into his car, but he sad there in it for at least 15 minutes in the dark with all his lights on, not allowing us to get out of where we were hiding. It wasn’t until we got another ride to come pick us up did he freak out and drive off when he saw the car come into the parking lot. After all of this, I reported the incident to LYFT right away and they said they would take it very seriously and investigate it. Immediately after reporting it, all the driver information, license number, car description, picture of driver, and everything related to that ride completely got deleted form the app. I called them back to get that information so I can file a police report, they informed me that they could not provide that information as they had to “protect their driver,” and clearly didn’t care about the safety of their passengers. One day went by and then I find a charge of $50 being charged to my credit card for DAMAGES. I called them to ask them about it, and they said that they were just putting a hold on the card like that while they investigated the issue and that since it was a safety issue that was reported that it was not linked to the damages department so neither department knew what was going on with the other one. They assured me that they would link documentation between the two together so that the safety incident would be taken into account when they make their decision about the damages. That of course did not happen as the next day I saw that the charge was no longer pending but was an actual charge that was made to my credit card company. What’s worse in in all of this, is that a week went by and I finally got an email from LYFT updating me on the incident and all it says is that “I can assure you that the concerns you have brought to our attention have been investigated and the necessary actions have been taken.” Of course it doesn’t say what those actions are or if there was even ever an investigation or what was found. They were so much more concerned with charging money for damages that the safety and well-being of their riders. They refuse to remove the charge of the $50 even after they were informed of the whole incident in detail as well as the fact that the driver willingly and hastily took the $20 cash that my friend handed him. I am wanting to bring awareness to this terrible company, the safety issues it ignores, as well as its terrible customer service.

I use Lyft often and recently have had numerous drivers cancel rides when they realize that I’m heading somewhere far such as the airport. Riders get charged a fee for canceling rides due to the inconvenience to the driver. I have had numerous rides recently cancelled which inconvenienced me and left me with significantly longer waits. I think drivers should be penalized and riders should receive ride credits when drivers cancel on them.

I’ve been using Lyft for a good 2 years now. Going to and from the airport, events and other places I want to go but don’t want to hassle with finding parking or walking through acres of parking lot after I’ve arrived. Love the convenience of being picked up and dropped of right at the front door and I’ve had such nice experiences with meeting the most kind and positive Lyft drivers. I’ve been around for a long time and am glad there is a service like this now. Sometimes I am afraid to go here or there because I’m concerned I’ll get lost but with Lyft I no longer worry and just go! One more thing. ** If you want to sign up with coupon code JODI74493 you can get up to $20 off your first ride. **


Lyft promo codes first time


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