Mar 18 2018

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(Last Updated On: 02/10/2019)

Mechanical Surf Board Simulator

Mechanical bull rental

Mechanical bull rental


Surfs up dude! If your into chasing that perfect wave, then this is the ultimate test of skill, coordination and agility, without having to get wet. A Mechanical Surfboard , yes thats right a Mechanical Surfboard without having to visit Durbs and worry about nasty Sharks. Interactive rides don’t get better than this, Mechanical Surfboard . Attempt to ‘Hang Ten’ on our Surf Simulator- an actual surfboard designed for us by an actual surfer which operates over an air cushioned “ocean” of inflatable fun simmilar to that of a jumping castle. An operator controls the angle and speed of the Mechanical Surfboard , adjusting difficulty levels to suit each individual.

This radical and fun activity is perfectly suited for all ages at any indoor or outdoor event and is easly set-up in no time. Why not have a beach party theme and hire this fantastic Mechanical Surf Board along with other water fun activities and items such as jumping castles, carnival rides and games from our wide selection and range.

Our Mechanical Surfboard is suitable for all ages and all types of events and parties, From a fun Birthday Party to a Office Party Jol, the Mechanical Surfboard is the one to book!

Give us a call today to Book your Mechanical Surf Board today!

Mechanical bull rental

Mechanical bull rental

Mechanical bull rental

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