Aug 20 2017

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Medical Factoring/Financing

Medical Factoring is taking the place of traditional lending because traditional lenders are not lending like they were in the past. The financial landscape has changed over the last few years for all areas of the healthcare industry and worldwide. With banks cutting credit lines, not making personal and business loans like they were in the past. Medical factoring is filling the void when cash is needed, when it is not available by traditional means.

Medical receivables factoring provides two different avenues of factoring, one for businesses like staffing companies, manufactures, etc. and the other is for 3rd-party medical billing claims without waiting for insurance companies, HMO’s and Medicare/Medicaid. Factoring for staffing, manufacturing fields can go as high as 97% where 3rd-party insurance companies, HMOs and Medicare/Medicaid goes from 75% to 85%.

Medical Factoring Benefits

  • 24 Hour Funding
  • Meet Your Payroll
  • Pay Payroll taxes on time
  • No more wait 30-60 and/or 90 days

Medical/Healthcare Staffing and Services ( Starting at $2,500 Monthly ) Start-Ups | Small | Mid-Size Staffing Company | Larger Staffing Company

  • Medical Billing Services
  • Medical Transcription Services
  • Outsourced Medical Coding
  • and More

Medical Manufacturing ( Starting at $2,500 Monthly )

  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical Supplies
  • and More

Insurance Companies, HMOs and Medicare/Medicaid. ( Starting at $100,000 Monthly )
Where medical staffing and medical manufacturing area is very easy to factor, the Insurance Companies, HMOs and Medicare/Medicaid are a totally different animal. Factoring starts at $100,000 and the reserves are normally around 15 to 25% which means we are factoring from 75% to 85% of the invoices you want factored. Main reason is because Insurance Companies, HMOs and Medicare/Medicaid all have different scales that you get paid on. Once invoice is paid by your client, the remaining of your hold account is paid minus factoring fees.

  • Ambulance/Medical Transport Companies
  • General Practitioners and Group Practice Physicians
  • Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities
  • MRI and other Diagnostic Center’s
  • Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • and More

Medical Factoring Quote

Medical Factoring Quotes are processed,
Approved in 24 to 48 hours.

We realize the importance of turn time
and cash flow in running your business.

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