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One Way Truck Rental

Long distance moves require the use of a one way truck rental that can be picked up in your current city and dropped off at your new location. Some truck rental companies allow you to drop off a truck rental in a new city even if it is thousands of miles from the pickup location. To decide what type of truck you need, you will need to start by determining the size of your current residence.

Types of One Way Rentals

There are moving vans for any home size to facilitate your one way move. Choose the truck size that matches up to your living space to ensure that you have the room needed to move all of your belongings from your apartment or home.

Moving vans are used for small spaces including studios with little furniture. People who have rented furnished apartments may want to opt for a moving van since they do not own the furniture.

14-foot trucks are ideal for larger studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments.

16-foot trucks are the right size for larger one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom apartments.

18-foot trucks work for moving the contents of apartments and small homes up to 1,200 square feet in size.

24-foot trucks are typically needed for people who live in single-family homes and town homes greater than 1,200 square feet.

26-foot trucks are the largest moving trucks available. People with a lot of large furniture items who live in single-family homes with three or more bedrooms may need to opt for this size.

Free Truck Rental Quotes

To find the right one way truck rental for your needs, you can determine the size of rental you need using the above guide and get free quotes using our database. These quotes are from local truck rental companies that offer one way truck rental services, so you can calculate moving costs and select the company with the best deal.

Moving can be stressful, but our database of moving companies can help you find someone to help you with the process. Use our website for a free one way truck rental quote today.

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