Sep 30 2016

Oscar de la Renta Bridal 2014

(Last Updated On: 02/10/2019)

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Oscar de la Renta Bridal 2014

Every Oscar de la Renta show I ve ever attended has been magical. But there s something about Bridal, when it overwhelms you with tulle and lace, and let s you indulge in every princess fantasy you never even knew you had that just makes it that much more of an experience.

Monday was my second Oscar bridal show, and while I loved last year s collection s Spanish influences, I ended up being just as big of a fan of the 2014 collection s romanticism and sweetness.

I m sharing a few less photos than usual, since a portion of my backstage beauty Bridal Market Week content is due to end up online and in print for the August/September issue of BRIDES. (Expect to see more from the 4 other shows I covered this week once I ve been given the all clear to post!) As always, I live-pinned a portion of the show on the OdlR bridal pinterest board as well.

I absolutely LOVED the hair accessories/head pieces this season:

It s a given that Oscar s collections are always impeccable. But one thing that strikes me time after time is how well it s all styled. Every detail down to the belts, accessories, and hair complements the clothing, and overall tone of the collection.

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