May 17 2017

Oscar De La Renta ODLRS 151 Sunglasses made of Plastic for Female #rent #to #own #programs

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Oscar De La Renta ODLRS 151 Sunglasses

Product Description:

Oscar De La Renta ODLRS 151 is made of high quality Plastic, manufactured by in China in 2007.

Plastic features super lightweight, which brings a comfortable feeling to the wearer. In addition, they are durable, not easy to deform and corrosion-resistant for long time using. Distinguished by skin-friendly features, plastic is the popular material used for making eyeglasses frames.

Oscar De La RentaODLRS 151 is an ideal choice for Female, especial for Adult. There are different color options available, Amber w/Gradient Brown Lenses 239, Red w/Gradient Brown Lenses 615, Brown w/Gradient Brown Lenses 200, Black w/Gradient Smoke Lenses 001, High-tech alloys are one kind of metal, lighter, thinner boost greater comfort. They are durable for long time using, not easy to deform. Their hardness and durability win much popularity.Oscar De La Renta ODLRS 151 is with Universal bridge.

The right frame starts with the right style. Featuring the trendy style, Oscar De La RentaODLRS 151 is sure to flatter your face. It not only makes a fashion statement for fashion conscious individuals with their chic style, but also gives you outstanding comfort due to light weight, which makes them a truly versatile buy.

ODLRS 151 is another great piece of cutting edge style from Oscar De La Renta Ladies Sunglasses. produced by. Oscar De La Renta Ladies Sunglasses is the ultimate fashion statement maker and helps you keep track of the latest fashion trend. So, they are worth to have a try.

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