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Find Rent To Own Homes. Choose Your State.

Welcome to RentToOwnQuest, the best site on the web to search for free real estate listings in your area. Our mission is to provide you with unbiased information that is not available anywhere else about rent to own homes.

Finally, here is a website where you can learn to avoid scams, find company reviews at no cost and enjoy free access to a number of rent to own property listings. In addition, we will help you understand where to locate the most reasonably priced dwellings.

Although it is true that a handful of websites are somewhat similar to ours, RentToOwnQuest is the only site available that is 100 percent free. For this reason, we are the best source if you need a bit of help in your search for a rent to own dwelling.

The Benefits of Renting to Own

In the economic slump of the 21st century. renting to own is usually a win-win arrangement for buyers and sellers alike. Prospective homeowners that do not qualify for a mortgage may still be able to own their dream house in the future. In addition, sellers profit from the dwellings they own, regardless of whether or not a family is eligible for a home loan. Fortunately for the renters, this approach allows them to enjoy some of the same benefits as property owners living in mortgaged homes.

Arguably, the best benefit associated with rent to own agreements is that prospective buyers that choose such an arrangement do not have to worry about throwing funds away on rent, and subsequently having nothing to show for their hard-earned cash. Rather, they can begin working toward owning their dwelling by having their rent applied to eventual ownership. If you are like most people, you would prefer to invest your monthly payments into your future home, rather than a landlord’s pocket.

Therefore, if you are looking for an easy and convenient way to purchase a dwelling, especially if you cannot get a mortgage loan or similar loan due to less than perfect credit or the lack of a down payment, RentToOwnQuest can offer an invaluable service.

Understanding the Process

If you are like many consumers, you may want to acquire a more thorough understanding of the exact process associated with a rent to own arrangement. In simplified terms, such a program is a specific type of financing agreement entered into by a lessor and a lessee for a designated period. During this time, the lessor collects monthly payments and a portion of them is applied to the price of the property. Anytime during the specified option period, the buyer can obtain a mortgage and purchase the home. It is not surprising that such agreements have increased in popularity in the real estate world over the past ten years.

If you have tried to obtain a mortgage, but found that today’s stringent qualifications placed such an arrangement out of reach, you owe it to yourself to consider rent to own properties. It is also important to keep in mind that because a portion of your rent is going towards the overall cost of the home, you will be earning equity on a monthly basis. Additionally, some contracts of this type offer you the option of walking away if you discover something about the home you find unappealing.

RentToOwnQuest features a broad range of listings for essentially any type of property you desire, including traditional rent to own real estate, lease options, and even owner finance listings. Regardless of the type of home for which you are looking, you can find it here at no cost to you.

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