Apr 24 2020

Swat police

(Last Updated On: 15/04/2020)

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Swat police

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5 types of ‘h > –

If you have a proper search attitude, the only time a suspect will ever surprise you is when they are not there

Book excerpt: Foundations of Sniper Markmanship

We must first identify the common characteristics of a police sniper’s target and work backward from there to design and implement our training

From torches to flying robots: How law enforcement can leverage these new tools

Here’s how our everyday heroes got the boost they needed with new aerial robotic tools

Dealing with dogs on SWAT operations: 10 tactical options

No matter how you feel about dogs, do not put your life – or the lives of your team – in jeopardy because of an aggressive dog

How LAPD’s first female SWAT officer broke the glass ceiling

Sgt. Jennifer Grasso has overcome many obstacles in her trailblazing career

Time and tempo cons > –

Let the mission dictate the need for speed

Product review: Prevent sling snagging with the SlingStock

This is a must have for anyone carrying an AR rifle who wants to eliminate getting hooked up

Why the action is on the perimeter

Whether the call out is for a barricaded gunman, a robbery in progress, a high-risk arrest, or a search warrant, a perimeter is essential

Product review: PIG saddle rifle cradle and field tripod

A rifle cradle and a tripod provide an LE sniper with a stable platform ranging from a high prone to a solid standing position

Product review: SWATSCOPE enables discreet intelligence gathering

The SWATSCOPE is a compact, lightweight optical device with a variable power magnification

Things to know about night vision and thermal technology

Police officers need to know night vision capabilities and understand the myths vs. facts for night vision technology

13 steps for surviving survival training

Force-on-force training is valuable when realistic but can be fraught with danger if not done with a laser focus on safety

21 steps to becoming a better SWAT team leader

Your self-improvement efforts should not start when you take a formal leadership position on SWATyour efforts should start even before you make the team

The 3 components of effective tactical team leadership

From balancing budgets to ensuring officers train on the latest tactical concepts, good leadership occurs before, during and after the call

The rapid movement of the killer from one scene to the next made the attacks incredibly disorienting and highly complicated the police response

Fla. measure would arm paramedics for ‘high-risk’ operations

The bill would require paramedics to obtain a concealed-weapons license and to complete LE-established training and deployment practices

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Swat police


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