Aug 13 2017

Top 10 Best Vacation Rental Websites To Boost Your Advertising Profits #homes #in #rent

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The top 10 best vacation rental websites to get more bookings and boost your profits

Below we’ve posted a list of the top vacation rental advertising websites that we know and trust (in no particular order of preference ).

These names should definitely ring a bell, unless you’re brand new to the game.

FlipKey first became a TripAdvisor company back in 2008. Since its acquisition, they’ve grown to an inventory of over 300,000 properties with exposure to over 160 countries. But most importatnly, they’ve introduced a Free-to-List option!

On its own, FlipKey gets enough targeted visibility to provide an average of 72 inquiries per listing per year. But it doesn’t end there.

An account with FlipKey also means your vacation rentals will be distributed to 12 other popular sites, including TripAdvisor themselves. All in all, you’re looking at a complete exposure to over 340 million travellers per month. And that’s without any extra charge!

So if a traveller is looking to book a vacation rental on his or her next trip, there’s a pretty good chance that FlipKey – along with the 12 other websites you’ll be listed on – are going to be some of the first places they’ll look.

They also offer some the best listing subscription options in the industry, including;

– a Free-to-List option – only pay when you get paid (just 3% per booking with no upfront charges), or;

– a Pay-per-Lead option – only pay when you get qualified leads.

Either way, there’s absolutely no up front risk to give them a try!

Click here to learn even more about advertising with FlipKey and to create your free account today!

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