Dec 2 2016

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Gotta offset that 1-star review immediately. Top Ten is a staple in Bloomington. The selection might not be that of your Blockbusters, Hollywoods and more family-oriented stores, but look what’s happened to most of them!

For a store this size, it’s got a good selection of new blockbusters and more obscure titles. Lots of  great independents, documentaries,TV-on-DVD options. And they carry porn so you don’t have to be stalked by creeps at the College Ave. Bookstore when you want to get frisky with your DVD player. Perfect liberal college town selection and fun for all ages! And even the new releases are usually 3-day rentals and catalog are 5-day. Pretty reasonable if you ask me. No video store is ever going to have everything you want unless you want  least-common-denominator flicks, but that’s what Red Box is for.

The dudes who work here are a little in their own world at times, but they’re always ready to search a title and help when you need it. And they have lots of snack items from popcorn to Ben Jerry’s and are open until 2 a.m. or so, so it’s perfect for both families AND stoners who don’t get off work ’til midnight.

Another good note: When I moved back to Bloomington after more than a decade away, they still had my name and customer number in their system and welcomed me back with no new membership fees. I cannot say the same for the now-defunct dinosaurs like Blockbuster who looked at me like I was crazy when I suggested I shouldn’t have to pay a new membership fee.

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