Apr 12 2017

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Vacation Rentals

Planning your dream-vacation can be a project. Will you go snorkeling or hiking? Para-sailing or deep-sea fishing? No matter where you’re planning to visit, there are bound to be dozens of area activities to choose from, restaurants to visit or volcanoes to hike. Determining what you’ll do, the things you want to see, and the food you want to try are the fun parts- but finding appropriate accommodation can be stressful, and with today’s economy you want to be sure to find lodging that is as pleasing to your wallet as it is to your eyes. You don’t want to sacrifice quality, but you also don’t want to break the bank. Enter vacation rentals.

Renting a vacation property for a week, rather than paying a hotel for a nightly basis, will allow you to secure accommodations that are both economical and luxurious. These properties, owned by individuals who will be unable to use them, are often rented for hundreds, even thousands, less than you’d pay for a hotel of comparable quality. Often, they’re four or five-star resorts, rented for two or three-star prices. From a slope-side chalet in Aspen to a beach house in Mazatlan, a vacation rental boasts both highly-desirable locations and first-class amenities for a fraction of what you might pay for other types of temporary accommodations.

But how are vacation rental properties so affordable? The truth is, vacation rentals are so inexpensive because the market is still very new. Many people don’t know that they can rent vacation properties. They shell out for lower-grade hotels on a nightly basis simply because they aren’t aware there’s another option. Savvy vacationers have been renting vacation properties for years, but there is still time to reap the money-saving benefits of this relatively new form of vacation lodging. Many vacation rentals, when offered resale, can be acquired for just a few hundred dollars. Give a vacation rental a try on your next vacation. You’ll vacation in opulence while saving hundreds, or more. Browse our inventory of vacation property rentals today!

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