Dec 14 2016

Where can I rent with option to buy a Home in Chicago, IL? Trulia Voices #rental #applications

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#rent to buy homes


The purpose of the TU/TD is to allow readers to rate your answer as either useful or not useful .

Once in a while we will get a random TD Bandit who takes pleasure in giving a TD for apparently no good reason, even to the seemingly best and most useful answers.

Other times the question asker just may have not found your answer helpful, and will just give a TD without providing a reason.

As to your specific answer that was thumbs-downed, I can provide a guess as to why it may have occurred: Trulia s guidelines prohibits self-promotion . In this case, your answer not only did NOT answer the question-askers specific question; you instead offered to preapprove her for a mortgage.

I did not thumbs-down you, but somebody else may have for the reason I gave above.

Either way, it might behoove you to read Trulia s guidelines so you can better understand one s possible motivation for TD-ing you.

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