Dec 14 2016

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Which Rental Car Company Is Best?

Study Shows Enterprise On Top

A new study about rental car satisfaction was released last week and for the sixth year in a row Enterprise took the top honors. National and Hertz were ranked second and third, respectively.

J.D. Power’s Rental Car Satisfaction Study has been tracking rental car satisfaction for the past 14 years, combining feedback from costs and fees, the pick-up process, the actual rental car, the return process, reservation process and the shuttle bus/van. The survey took the temperature of over 12,000 renters.

It seems as though Enterprise has a bit of a lock on customer service. The Enterprise brand took the top honors while National and Alamo (both owned by Enterprise) were also in the top four. The company’s National brand made a big leap since 2008.

Our experience with Enterprise aligns with J.D. Power’s survey. The company’s strategy of a “neighborhood network” means the company operates in more local communities and has a greater reach (they claim 90% of America). What’s remarkable is that for a company that big, with tens of millions of transactions per year, it still manages to deliver top customer service. It’s much harder to do that when you’re a huge company.

While it should come as no surprise, it’s encouraging to see that the rental car satisfaction is about so much more than just the car. We wish automobile manufacturers would use the same perspective and consider the complete experience (from sales to dealership cleanliness to service) when selling their wares.

Here’s the full list, ranked in order of overall satisfaction:

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