Oct 27 2016

15 Things to Include in Your For Rent Ad #rental #car #discounts

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15 Things to Include in Your ‘For Rent’ Ad

By Erin Eberlin. Landlords & Property Investments Expert

As a native New Yorker, Erin was drawn to the high-risk, high-reward field of real estate investing. During her time with Hybrid Properties LLC, she has played a vital role in the company s real estate development, investment and property management business. Erin has written numerous articles on short selling property, advised on the development of landlord tenant documents and is the creator of a streamlined tenant management system.

When placing rental ads for your property, there are some essentials you will want to include. Taking the time to make your For Rent ad as detailed and specific as possible will help save you time by increasing the chances that only people who are truly interested will reply to your ad.

1. A Picture

You wouldn’t believe what a difference this makes. Many people will not call an ad if it does not include a picture.

Granted, newspaper ads do not necessitate pictures, but for online rental ads and even ads placed on bulletin boards, clear pictures highlighting the best parts of your property are a necessity. Color photos are more appealing than black and white photos.

2. Basic Specs of the Apartment

You will want to include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and approximate square feet of the property.

3. Monthly Rent

Make sure you include the monthly rent in your rental ad. You can include an exact price or a range if you are a little flexible on the price.

4. Amount of Security Deposit Required

You must also include how much of a security deposit you require. Again, you can put an exact number or you can say something like “one and a half month’s rent.”

5. Date Available

6. Length of Lease

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