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Car Hire UK

Book Cheap, Fully Inclusive Car Hire in the UK from Rhino – the No.1 Car Hire Website!

Wherever you are in the United Kingdom you won t be far away from a Rhino car hire location. Our offices span the whole of England, Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, so when booking your car hire in the UK you can be sure we have all bases covered. Whether you want a cheap rental car in the UK to get around a city, or a luxury UK rental car for business, we have the widest range of cars available.

If you are flying into major UK airports such as Heathrow Airport. Edinburgh or Belfast, you will be able to pick up your chosen vehicle quickly and without any hassle. You can also rest easy in the knowledge that your airport surcharges are included in the rate. We specialise in cheap car hire in the UK and work will all the leading UK car rental agents to make sure we find the best deals for our customers. Get an instant quote on UK car hire with Rhino and see what you can save.

UK Car Hire – Did You Know?

  • The United Kingdom is a country in its own right and it consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Many famous scientists and engineers have originated from the UK including Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Alexander Fleming, Charles Darwin and Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
  • The Prime Minister of the UK is David Cameron MP.
  • The flag of the UK is called the Union Jack and was first created in 1606.
  • The largest airport is Heathrow Airport, followed by Gatwick Airport and then London Stansted Airport.

Car Rental UK – In Brief

Hiring a car in the UK need not be complicated or stressful so here at Rhino we do everything we can to make the process as simple and trouble free as possible. Whether you are travelling around the UK for business purposes or perhaps on a holiday with the family, we will have a vehicle that meets your requirements. We are able to offer a wide range of optional added extras to add onto your booking, such as sat nav, child seats and an additional driver. We supply cars at all the major towns and airports in the UK, so if you are looking for Manchester Airport car hire check out our special offers.

UK Mini Guide

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom, and is one of the largest urban areas in the world. Greater London covers an area of over 600 square miles with a staggering population count of almost 8,000,000, which makes it the most highly populated city in Europe. London is served by no fewer than five international airports, which are Heathrow International Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Luton Airport and London City Airport right in the city centre. Almost every area of Greater London can be reached via the underground train network or by using the excellent public bus service.

Visitors to London will be overwhelmed by the amount of sites and attractions that can be found just within the city centre. Almost everybody will be familiar with landmarks such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. All of these popular tourist spots can be reached easily and quickly utilising relatively inexpensive public transport. People considering the use a private hire vehicle during their stay in London need to be aware that in recent years a toll system has been introduced, with a nominal charge collected for those who wish to drive their vehicle through parts of the city centre which are prone to congestion.

The United Kingdom is a popular place to visit for Europeans and American travellers. The UK is made up of Scotland with the capital being Edinburgh, England with the capital being London, Wales with Cardiff as its capital and Northern Ireland – Belfast. Airports are located throughout the UK so depending upon which part you are visiting you will easily find a local airport to suit. There is a wide network of motorways throughout the UK enabling fast and easy travel between cities, the speed limit on the motorway is 70mph and most motorways only have three lanes although the M25 is an exception to this and still remains notoriously busy and even inspired a song by Chris Rea entitled The Road to Hell .

Queen Elizabeth has many residences including Buckingham Palace. If the Queen is in residence you will see 4 sentries on guard and you can also watch the Changing of the Guards here, Windsor Castle, Sandringham and Balmoral. Prince Charles main residence is at Highgrove which is near the small village of Tetbury in Gloucestershire. Although London may be the most well-known city in the UK, there are several other large cities of note which have much to offer the visitor.

Of course the UK is not all about city life and there are a whole host of other places and sites of interest which anybody visiting the United Kingdom should consider as possible places worth sampling. Straddling Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire and taking its name from a small village close by, is Silverstone circuit. Silverstone is famous for being the host of the British Grand Prix each year, a tradition which started in 1948 and has continued annually since 1987.

As we can see the United Kingdom has much to offer the visitor, from some of the most impressive cities in Europe to some of the most beautiful natural landscape in the world. The UK is a relatively small nation and visitors will find that they are able to visit many of the sites and attractions dotted around the country even if they are on a fairly tight schedule. Ensure you take advantage of hiring a car in the UK as you will be able to see so much more.

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