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Green Vacation Rental Properties

Happy Earth Day, readers! In honor of Earth Day 2011, we wanted to spotlight two of our Santa Ynez vacation rental properties that are “going green” in an effort to minimize their footprint on the environment. If being eco-conscious and going green on vacation is important to you, check out how these vacation rental properties are doing their parts for the environment.

One such property is the Rancho Maroma vacation rental home in Santa Ynez, CA. which overlooks the entire Santa Ynez valley. The Rancho Maroma property relies on solar panels to provide a little over half of the home’s electricity. This cutting edge green technology is a renewable, non-polluting resource that can last a lifetime. The metal roof on the home is made from recycled content with a minimal carbon footprint, which helps cool the home in the summertime with no additional energy requirements. Also, the Rancho Maroma house has thick masonry walls, which keep the interior temperature more constant and makes the home more energy efficient throughout. Lastly, the interior paint is non-toxic with no volatile organic compounds that cause off-gassing pollution, which means they are less harmful to human and environmental health. As a bonus, in order to make less of a dent in the beautiful outdoor surroundings and environment around the home, the home is also painted in earth tones to blend into the hillside. (Click here to view photos and reviews of the Rancho Maroma vacation rental home in Santa Ynez, CA .)

Another of our Santa Ynez vacation properties is Villa Santa Rita Hills vacation rental home in Santa Rita Hills, CA. The property is built green. Villa Santa Rita Hills was built using hay bales instead of wasting the perfectly good Strawbale homes are super insulated, and thus more energy efficient in winter and summer. Also the Villa Santa Rita Hills runs on solar, using solar panels to provide much of energy in the home. Again, solar energy is a renewal, non-polluting energy resource. The Villa Santa Rita Hills vacation rental home also has an extraordinary view of Eucalyptus groves and herb gardens and flower gardens which provide homes to numerous birds and wildlife. (Click here to view photos and reviews of the Villa Santa Rita Hills property in Santa Rita Hills .)

Special kudos go to these green vacation rentals for going the extra mile to green their rental properties and minimize their impact on the environment. So next time you’re planning a Santa Ynez vacation and are looking for green lodging ot minimize your carbon footprint, consider Rancho Maroma and Santa Rita Hills!

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