Jul 6 2017

Microsoft Volume Licensing – Rental Rights #carros #de #renta

(Last Updated On: 03/10/2019)

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Rental Rights

Rental Rights licenses from Microsoft permit organizations to rent, lease, loan, or outsource PCs to third parties with licensed, qualifying Windows desktop operating systems and/or Microsoft Office. Examples of these organizations include Internet cafés, hotels and airport kiosks, business service centers, and office equipment leasing companies.

If your organization is interested in renting, leasing, or outsourcing PCs, Rental Rights offer a simple, one-time licensing solution to keep your organization in compliance with Microsoft Volume Licensing. Rental Rights licenses are user rights licenses only and do not replace the underlying Windows or Microsoft Office product licenses. Rental Rights licenses modify the use rights of the underlying Windows or Microsoft Office licenses to allow renting, leasing, or outsourcing of the software, which is generally prohibited under standard license terms for those products.

Note: Certain finance leases and long-term leases of qualifying OEM versions of Windows client and Microsoft Office do not require Rental Rights and are allowed under the Lease agreement for Microsoft products installed on leased computers (PDF, 270 KB).

Simplicity and value for PC renters

Rental Rights licenses are tailored specifically for business models that include renting, leasing, loaning, or outsourcing PCs to a third party. Providing unlicensed use of PCs can threaten an organization’s ability to stay in business. By purchasing Rental Rights licenses, you protect your organization from potential legal action by intellectual property (IP) protection agencies.

Costs are up-front and predictable with Rental Rights, supporting business models where recurring cash flow and margins can be thin. Rental Rights are good for the life of the PC, so you can focus on your business, not on licensing.

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