Sep 9 2017

Rent College Books and Save Lots of Money! #places #to #rent

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Rent College Books

Often you can rent textbooks cheap. Again, enter the textbook’s title, and click “search”. Then click on the “Rent” tab at the top of the page. There are different rental time periods available, too, priced accordingly. If you’re looking to save money with a greener option, choosing to rent a college textbook may be your answer.

Use the search box above to compare prices for renting college books. We’ll quickly search college textbook rental merchants and display all their prices on one page for you to select the best deal. When you rent college books. you’ll basically be checking out a textbook for a specified length of time. At the end of your rental period (typically one quarter or one semester), you simply return the book inside a prepaid mailing envelope.

Rental college textbooks can get lost or damaged just like textbooks you purchase, so you need to be careful to take care of each textbook you rent. Although each textbook rental company has its own unique rental policy, most of them allow for typical wear and tear on the books you rent. Highlighting and writing in rented college textbooks is usually permitted, but spilling coffee on a book or ripping off the cover is a no-no. The worst case scenario is that you simply lose a rented textbook, in which case you’ll probably have to pay the difference between rental price and retail price.

Here are some great tips to consider before you rent college books online:

    Search by ISBN to ensure you rent college books you need. Think about renting old editions and the length of term you need to rent for. You are allowed to write and highlight in most rented college textbooks.

Most college textbook rental companies offer loss and damage protection as an optional extra fee. One of the most popular textbook rental merchants charges just 25% of the initial rental price upfront if you want to purchase this peace of mind. If you return college textbook rentals late, there are usually charges ranging from a few dollars up to the total cost of the book. Check the terms and conditions of each company you rent from carefully.

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