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Sample Vacation Rental Agreement

Find the best vacation rental agreement to suit your situation before you do anything else. One of these free sample vacation rental agreement forms may work.

This sample vacation rental agreement is 1 of 3 that we offer completely free of charge.

One may work well for your specific vacation home circumstances.

You’ll find links to the other two examples of lease agreements for vacation rentals just below this one.

(Please be aware that vacation rental requirements can vary from state to state.) There are also state-specific vacation rental kits that will make sure you have iron-clad protection under your state guidelines.

Here are Customizable, Reusable, Attorney-Prepared

for literally a few dollars that address:

Reservation Information: Provisions that will indicate if a reservation in being held in a renter’s name and will include the applicable credit card information.

Security Damage Agreement: This is particularly important in rentals, as disagreements often arise over alleged damages and how the security deposit will be charged, and/or returned.

Check-In/Check-Out Procedure: This is a helpful provision that outlines a procedure for checking in and checking out of the rental.

Use and Enjoyment of the Premises: By law, a tenant is entitled to a certain degree of use and enjoyment of the property. This provision will set out what the premises has to offer and assures the renter that they will meet their expectations in terms of enjoyment. This provision sets out specific matter such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and whether pets are allowed.

Hold Harmless Provision: A hold harmless provision is an important element to be included. This will ensure that the renters will protect the owners from any liability that may result during the rental term such as from an accident or illness.

The offering of these sample vacation rental forms is not meant to be a substitue for legal advice. Legal Disclaimer

If you do-it-yourself, be smart about it! To make sure your goals are not compromised, it’s always prudent to have an attorney inspect any form you are intending to use to consider all the possible legal ramifications. And, always have all parties sign and date every page.

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